Speaker Biography


Shadi Khawadeh is a Dermatologist, skin surgeon and laser specialist, Plastic surgeon Assistant at Medicines san frontiers in Jordan. He has done American Diploma in Aesthetic medicine


approaching an aging face with different googles  
the approach for aging face has a new concept now a days  
that we have to combine art and science togother  
and it is important to choose the appropriate way to approach our case  
and in my presentation i would like to high light the big difference between suture lifting and thread lifting whih is something new in the midle east 
Our aim to make doctors able to differentiate between sutures and thread lifting and at this moment I ward like to invent new word which is floating threads. 
Floating threads: 
Are all the types of threads that are presenting in the market 
I want to categorize them as floating threads since they are not fixed to stable structure ,they are fixing skin to skin which is a poor idea, I would like to present a new idea which is suture lifting which means fixing the SMAS to the periosteum then the skin will be lifted